The recent incident of bank system hacking was beyond the most of our thoughts. This incident includes stealing cash directly from ATM machines. Some details of Money Taker have been published by the researchers at Group-iB. it has been considered a group of Russian hackers and they have stolen at least 10 million U.S dollars from American and Russian ATM machines during the last 18 months.

The group targeted total 18 banks and 15 of them were American banks. They weakened interbank transfer systems to hijack payment orders and withdrew the funds at machines. The first attack was reported in the spring of 2016 when STAR network of First Data hit by the Money Taker. The STAR network has been considered the largest messaging system for ATMs in the United States.

The group also attacked the AW CRB network of Russia. They pulled Fed Link system documents of Ocean-Systems. These documents are being used by more than 200 banks across the United States. Point to be noted that documents of at least one U.S bank were stolen 2 times, but the criminals kept spying on Russian bank networks. It is still not clear that who is behind Money Taker hacking, we are just hearing about them but they are too clever. They have randomly switched their methods and tools to cheat software. They intelligently erased their each track after stealing money. For example, they have stolen the security certificates from the U.S federal government, the Bank of America, Yahoo and Microsoft. It has been confirmed that hackers experienced easy time in making off the funds and sensitive data.

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