5th Accuser Breaks Silence, Says Sen. Al Franken Groped Her – She’s an Iraq War Veteran

Democrat Al Franken may have offered his apologies for his sexual misconduct, but he didn’t seem to translate the reason well enough.

However, he remained certain that several other women could make the list of accusers, alleging him of sexual harassment.

Wonder of all wonders, it was exactly what happened, as the fifth-in-a-row woman came forward, blaming Franken for groping her sexually as they posed for a joint photo.

The woman, 41-year-old Stephanie Kemplin of Maineville, Ohio, who is a U.S. Army and Iraq War veteran, stated Franken touched his breast as the duo was taking a photo back in 2003. At the time, she was still on duty in Kuwait, whereas Franken was part of a USO tour.

Kemplin had an interview with CNN, where she laid out all details of the misconduct but stating she initially believed Franken is a nice person, which is why she asked for a photo with him.

“When he put his arm around me, he groped my right breast. He kept his hand all the way over on my breast,” Kemplin told CNN reporter MJ Lee. “I’ve never had a man put their arm around me and then cup my breast. So he was holding my breast on the side.”

“I remember clenching up and how you just feel yourself flushed,” she continued. “And I remember thinking — is he going to move his hand? Was it an accident? Was he going to move his hand? He never moved his hand.”

“It was long enough that he should have known if it was an accident,” she added. “I’m very confident saying that.”

Kemplin pointed out the cupping lasted no longer than 10 seconds, and it stopped once she repositioned herself, placing Franken’s hand on her back instead.
Kemplin felt deeply “embarrassed” by the situation and cried later on.

“I was in a war zone … You were on a USO tour — are you trying to boost the morale of the troops or are you trying to boost your own?” Kemplin asked.

“You’re immediately put on the spot,” she added. “What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Your mind goes a mile a minute. Who was I going to tell?”

Kemplin didn’t share any of this with her fellow comrades but told friends and family members.

Several months later, Kemplin decided to go forward with the story, telling her superiors. CNN reviewed the case, learning of another soldier, a man, who also performed a “totally inappropriate behavior” but was not guilty of “indecent assault.”

Kemplin then met up with California newscaster Leeann Tweeden, who shared the same experience, where she was groped and kissed violently by Franken as well.

Tweeden came forward certain of Franken’s indecent behavior, noting he groped and forcibly kissed her back in 2006.

Just when you thought this was a done deal, another woman, Lindsay Menz, accused Franken of grabbing her bottom, also while taking a photo with him at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010. Aside from these, two other women, who have not been identified to the public yet, accused Franken of touching their bottoms at campaign events in Minnesota. At the time, Al Franken made his first run for office.
A spokesman for Franken echoed Franken’s sentiment, and offered a statement regarding the groping:

“As Sen. Franken made clear this week, he takes thousands of photos and has met tens of thousands of people and he has never intentionally engaged in this kind of conduct. He remains fully committed to cooperating with the ethics investigation.”

This actually sounds like a giant excuse on Franken’s behalf- ‘I did it, but it’s not what you think.’

Oh, really?

Do you think Franken should be sanctioned for his sexual predator tendencies?

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